2015 Update!

March 11, 2015

I can not believe I have not posted yet this year and I'm surprised to see regular views on my little blog so I thought I should at the very least fill you in on what I've been up to and apologise for my absence! 

Im in my second year studying Fine Art and things have been full steam ahead! Ive started FIG collective that brings together artists to hold meetings discussing gender politics and sexuality, I'm curating and organising a big end of year art show with some friends featuring some talented artists from all over the country exploring femininity, I've been submitting work to publications online and in print for parisian The Seventy Fifth Zine and californian Entityy Magazine, I also did some design work for IndigoBlu, I recently helped set up a friends social media for her beautiful BRUISE Zine and also finding time to write essays, work on my own art practise along with being a Student Rep! 

And between all that finding time to see my boyfriend and visit my family for well long dog walks and soaks in the bath! (My student home doesn't have the luxury of a bathtub and I bloody need one!) Of course I'd be lying if I omitted the fact that I have had many days of down time stuck in the rut of watching too much Netflix whilst overeating and feeling a bit sorry for myself before dragging myself back into reality!

I still have plans for Flowers and Dirt, continuing to post (from a feminist perspective of course!) about the things that I love; Art, Photography, Culture and Inspiring people, because for me that is what makes life beautiful. 

So until my next post I'll leave you with some of my photographic work form a collaboration with         superbabe Bex Ilsley