Portraits of Felicity

December 27, 2014

Last month my best friend Felicity turned 24, we have been friends since we were 10 years old. We have such polar opposite tastes in nearly everything. She has lived 250 miles away from our home town for the past 5 years and despite long periods of no communication we always find our way back to each other. 
 I made the long journey down to Bournemouth to see her recently and took some portraits to mark her 24th. I’d like to think the pictures glimpse at the struggles she’s been going through lately but also her strength.

I’d like to continue taking portraits of the women in my life who are turning 24, to document their place in the world, their fears, their dreams...it’s not a specific milestone but you are creeping very slowly away from a more carefree time. For some they are making the first steps in their careers and being fully independent for the first time, and for some like myself I’m doing none of those. It’s interesting to look back at our mothers at that age, many of them were married and starting their families, it seems a lot has changed in one generation.

Can you remember the first time we met? 

We met in year 5 at Bramcote Lorne School as I was being shown around. You wrote me a letter asking me to come to your house... it had all little pictures on it and different coloured pens. You later inspired me to become interested in the environment.

What is your favourite memory from our childhood together? 

One of my favourite childhood memories is going down to the river together behind your house and setting up habitats for wildlife and riding our bikes between our houses and singing at the top of our lungs ‘woahhhhh living on a prayer!!!’

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned growing into an adult? 

The most valuable thing I have learned growing into an adult it to enjoy things while you have them. Not to always be looking into the future at the things you might have or do because what ever you are enjoying now, no matter how constant it may seem, you never know when it might be gone. So ENJOY life

What are your dreams? 

To do environmental research and be good at it! To travel and ultimately be happy!! Living somewhere hot, loving my job and for everyone to believe in climate change and do something about it!!!