Goodwood Revival Part Three - Goodbye Summer

September 28, 2014

I hope you've all enjoyed seeing the stylish men and women of Goodwood Revival! Here are my last set of photographs...Even though this festival was just the other weekend it feels like summer is well and truly over now, I'm back at University and the heatings been turned up in my little student house in Manchester! Its been a great summer...working in London while staying my my boyfriend and friends, travelling to Budapest and Barcelona, doing my first internship in publishing and visits home to see my family and their two dogs! I havn't really blogged about any of it! I think we share so much of our lives on the internet that I wanted my little blog to be less abut me and more about things that people like me will find interesting..So I'd love to get some comments about what content you like best (from the odd person that does actually view my blog!).
Hope to hear from you soon! 
R, x 

Original 1940's Horrockses Dress

Channelling Lady Di

Last image of the festival - My wonderful Mum jumping over a gate..