Supper Club with Cecily

April 22, 2014

Not too long ago my good friends Cecily and George invited me round to their tiny flat in Camberwell, London for their first attempt at a Supper Club... It was a brilliant success! 

The living room was cleared to make way for Cecily's Grandmas 1960's formica table to seat the six of us. The candles were lit and as I waited for guests to arrive I snapped away whilst Cec & George's prepared in their little camberwell kitchen..

 The main event! 


Aubergine & Buttermilk sauce with Pomegranate and Thyme
Beetroot Risotto with Cod cheek & Mange tout 
Tarte Tatin

 Success! - The happy couple

Cec & George

 It was a wonderful evening with beautiful food and above all amazing company! 
What better excuse to get your friends round ...I urge everyone to have a go. 

Warning...copious wine consumption can lead to excessive singing and noise complaints from upstairs..and their is a small chance a dance-off may take place...