March Review : New Music From Jonny : The Orwells! Radkey! Warpaint! WildBeasts!

March 6, 2014

Hey guys, sorry this blog post is a little bit late, work has been taking over my life lately! Anyway, less of that and more of my slightly belated music picks for the month.

First up, we have a band from Chicago called The Orwells. Currently touring with the arctic monkeys, they remind me of something between Iggy Pop and early kings of Leon. Two songs that I'm currently loving by them are "Who Needs You" from the 2013 ep of the same title, and new track that they've released called "Dirty Sheets" which is just an awesome song. I can't wait for the new album, due out later this year, and judging from the reviews, The Orwells are a band that you have to see live!

Next up we have Radkey, three brothers from Missouri, who have this insane garage rock/punk sound that is so loud! An ep released last October, and a great performance on later with jools has only added to the excitement, and I can't wait for the album from these guys.

Warpaint have just released their self titled third album, with a slightly more minimalist sound than we might be used to from them, but it's a great listen. Slightly evocative of The XX, there are some cracking tracks on the album with "Teese" and "Love is to Die" being my personal favourites. While we might not be hearing too much new stuff from Warpaint this year, definitely keep your eyes out for tour dates.

Ever since Wild Beast hinted that they were bringing out a new album, I have been rather excited. The new single "Wanderlust" seems to sit somewhere between New Order and Anthony and the Johnson's, if you can imagine that, but it is an interesting song, certainly something to wet the appetite.

Personally I think 2014 is set to be an exciting year in music. We have already had new music from grunge icons Pixies, and are set to hear new albums from the likes of Imogen Heap, Metronomy and even Blondie!