Outfit of the day with Olivia! Charity shop love!

February 27, 2014

I'd like to introduce you to Olivia!

Every time I bump into Liv when I'm back home, she is always dressed impeccably...and I don't know how she does it because she juggles 2 jobs whilst training to become a teacher! (some people have all the will power!) Olivia lives with her childhood sweetheart Craig and wants to teach ''Primary school kids, I feel every child can make a difference in the world with the right education and guidance''

I am so envious of this charity shop find. The outfit consists of this amazing seaside print shirt and skirt which cost just £8, necklace was £2.50 from primark and the cassio style watch was £5 of eBay. 
B a r g a i n 

This vintage inspired look is so cute for spring...bring on the sunshine and trips to the seaside!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the odd glimpses of blue sky we are getting :)
- R x