The Lost Days

January 2, 2014

'Lost Days' (my photography)

You know how people look back and only reflect on the 'good' nostalgically? I think I've looked back at 2013 and remembered the negative. As much as I absolutely loved being home and seeing friends and family, in those lost days between Christmas and New Year I felt a bit, well... lost in a malaise of television, food and sleep.

When I'm not feeling or being productive I get down. Unlike everybody else enjoying their time off, I didn't feel like I'd earned it, all that down time...the weeks leading up to coming home for Christmas weren't entirely productive at Uni.

Social Media is often criticised for producing a false persona of ourselves - we only share the best bits. With Instagram we photograph our most beautiful moments not our darkest hours.  My blog records my achievements and adventures not the days spent in bed watching Scandal online, one episode after another, after another (eating whole chocolate oranges)...

But I'm okay with my online projection it reminds me of the good in my life.  My friends and family would probably describe me as optimistic and positive but sometimes it can be a battle within myself to keep it that way.

After looking through my pictures from the past year and reminding myself of the good things that have a happened in 2013 I'm feeling a lot brighter and ready to immerse myself in 2014.

Here are two lovely articles that resonated with me..

'Times Past' by Ill Seen, Ill Said - This is a beautiful piece about friendship. It reminded me not to judge friendships on who is here for you right now, but to appreciate the beauty of past friendships. Their would not be enough time in the day to maintain relationships with every single friend we have had in our life time.

This Too Shall Pass, Buddhism Lite for Lazy Neurotics - I was having a 'WTF am I doing with my life, I am 23 next month' moment, and then I read this.

I hope the new year brings you all everything you wish for.

 - Rebecca x