Quiet Time

November 10, 2013

It seems the quieter my blog, the busier I am. 

Time management has never been my strong point - so please bear with me whilst I try to juggle my life aha! Ive got loads of ideas for my blog and I'm looking forward to shooting more style posts, so watch this space :) 
Seeing as I've been quiet/lazy on my blog I thought I'd just leave you with some awesome style inspiration, that has been motivating me to brighten up my winter wardrobe. I'm a bit obsessed with patterned full skirts and Topshop and Asos have loads of awesome ones at the mo :) 

All images credits can be found here on my pinterest board.

Ive had a really fun few weeks - Last weekend I went to the Hearst Magazine Editors Talk and spoke to the editor of Company Mag; Victoria - which was amazing as I'm such a fan! I got some great advice and met some dead lovely ladies. I left feeling really inspired! The weekend before I spent time in London with my lovely boyfriend and went round some galleries. Ive also been working on a Zine to teach myself Adobe Indesign which has been given me a slight headache aaaand I've also been trying to keep on top of Uni. 
So be ready for a l o t  of photos when I'm back!!
So  e x c i t e d