My Career Inspiration Scrapbook

October 19, 2013

One of my favourite quotes in my scrapbook is ''Still time to change the road your on''. It took a lot of courage for me to leave University last year and change the road I was on. Im now 22 and I'm starting University all over again, different location, different course. My career goals may change over the next 3 years but at least I now know what I want to achieve. My scrapbook is a little reminder to keep working hard and keep motivated. Here's a few snaps and some ideas on what to put in if you fancy making your own :) 

Print out all your favourite quotes from pinterest and tumblr

You could make collages of the dream places you want to live

Write yourself a little personal note about what you'd like to achieve.

Tear our inspirational articles from magazines. 

Find job advertisements for your dream job and find out what skills they require, it doesn't matter if your under qualified, use the advert as a guide and see which skills you need to gain.

Make a page about your favourite inspirational figures and find out how they achieved success.

Create an address book style page of people you want to contact for advice and maybe work experience ( for example; it could be a list of photographers you want to assist or the editors of your favourite magazines).

Where to get your scrapbook supplies- 

...and your good to go!

R, x