My Career Inspiration Scrapbook

October 19, 2013

One of my favourite quotes in my scrapbook is ''Still time to change the road your on''. It took a lot of courage for me to leave University last year and change the road I was on. Im now 22 and I'm starting University all over again, different location, different course. My career goals may change over the next 3 years but at least I now know what I want to achieve. My scrapbook is a little reminder to keep working hard and keep motivated. Here's a few snaps and some ideas on what to put in if you fancy making your own :) 

Print out all your favourite quotes from pinterest and tumblr

You could make collages of the dream places you want to live

Write yourself a little personal note about what you'd like to achieve.

Tear our inspirational articles from magazines. 

Find job advertisements for your dream job and find out what skills they require, it doesn't matter if your under qualified, use the advert as a guide and see which skills you need to gain.

Make a page about your favourite inspirational figures and find out how they achieved success.

Create an address book style page of people you want to contact for advice and maybe work experience ( for example; it could be a list of photographers you want to assist or the editors of your favourite magazines).

Where to get your scrapbook supplies- 

...and your good to go!

R, x

Thoughts on... Self belief & being in charge of your own future!

October 16, 2013

I often struggle with the fear of not achieving what I want out of life...

I used to describe myself as ''A whirlwind of dreams and Ideas that may or may not amount to anything''

Dreams don't just happen, you have to work hard to achieve them. I'm always full of ideas and I don't often see them through to the end, but things are starting to change. I've changed my mindset and I'm becoming more proactive. If I could give any advice to dreamers it would be to stop planning and start doing! 

The first thing I did to kick start my 'pro-activism' was to start my blog :) It compels me to post and write regularly about subjects that interest me. My last post on Feminism was retweeted by Elle magazines content director which completely made my week as one of my goals is to apply for the Elle intern programme next summer. It may not have been a big deal to the content director but it felt a little pat on the back that I needed, to say I'm on the right track. 

Nowadays whenever I have an interesting thought or idea I act on it straight away rather than put it to the back of my mind. However since starting Uni I'm starting to find balancing everything/life a little overwhelming, but I'm confident I'll get into the swing of things soon! Hence, not so much blogging recently.  Im also looking out more for opportunities to get my work out there, like competitions & keeping my eye open for interesting talks; like the Hearst Magazine Editors Talk thats coming up.
I think if your in a bit of a rut just set your self a little project and give yourself a deadline and realistic goals. I did this over summer by doing a portrait series, as it had felt like forever since I had been creative. And lastly I made my own career scrapbook as a little reminder to myself of where I want to go in life. I ripped out inspirational articles, stuck in fave quotes and even made little collages of the cities I want to live in! It might be a bit geeky but it helps to keep me motivated. I'll show you my Scrapbook in my next post along with tips on how to start your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading and didn't find it too self indulgent! But mainly I hope it helped spur on your own ambitions. 

R, x

Are You A Feminist?

October 3, 2013

For some time now I have been searching for the words to describe what feminism means to me. Following ELLE magazines amazing spread on ‘Rebranding Feminism’ I thought now is a good a time as any. I’ll keep it simple, I could go on forever but I’ll tell you this story instead. This is my example of everyday modern feminism. 
Last year I stayed at my friends flat for a cheap trip to London. It was a slightly inconvenient time for him as deadlines where due days later – after the initial catch up we started discussing a friends play she’d been writing about a misogynistic woman – queue my feminist rant. 

Hours later when things had wound down and I was thinking of getting ready for a night on the couch, I thought I’d help out by cleaning up the kitchen and putting the beers, that were sitting in a plastic bag, in the fridge. 

Whilst I was scrubbing dirty pots he turned to me and said ‘How can you be a feminist and clean up after me and put my beers in the fridge?”

That is exactly it. That is modern Feminism to me. I am not influenced by any stereotype or gender. I do things because I want to, and in this case I wanted to help; returning the favour of letting me stay over. I would do the same if my friend were female. 

I do not stop myself from doing something that comes naturally to because I’m a feminist and think I must uphold some archaic stereotype about how we act around men. I am just ME, a whole person, and I act without worrying what others will think (the same goes for wearing short skirts ect!) 

I am a feminist because I believe all humans are equal, it’s as simple as that. 

I believe it’s about staying true to yourself and not having to second guess yourself because you’re a woman.

Feminism is for Everyone! I am proud to say my boyfriend believes in feminism.

YES women ARE different to men in some respects, but just as other cultures, religions and races are different we should all be treated equally.

And if your wondering is Feminism is actually still relevant… well that’s another blog post in itself but the answer is YES. There are still injustices in the world for women, and that’s why it’s important to show your support and be proud to be a modern feminist.

Do what the fuck you want Ladies we are all equal here.

 Go grab the November Issue of Elle and start discussing Feminism with your peers! :)


Introducing - Shani Newman, Part Two

October 1, 2013

Here are my last portraits of the gorgeous Shani. This shoot showcases her feminine style wearing a floral bandeau dress with a simple white shirt tied over the top. Shani loves to toughen up her girly side with chunky statement jewellery and artfully dishevelled hair.