The Weekend Diaries No.2

June 30, 2013

Weekend Splurges!

1.Floral Notebook by Esmie
(Click on the highlighted text to buy!)

My beautiful shiny red shoes were in the sale for £40 in Topshop down from £65.Bargain.
And! they were bought for me as a goodbye present by my lovely IndigoBlu family...hence the Thank you cards! I though the frilly socks would like dead cute with them too.

NOTEBOOKS! I bloody love notebooks...I think I'll photograph all the notebooks I've ever used at some point...I love the feeling of finishing an old notebook and beginning the hunt for a new one.
It usually marks a new chapter in my life and the thought of a empty notebook waiting to be written, scrawled and drawn in is exciting and terrifying at the same time...I wonder what direction my life will take in the time I fill that book...

'Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues...'

Thankyou for reading!
R, x