Creating a Craft Shop & Show Room for IndigoBlu

June 28, 2013

Inspiration for the shop!
I was so excited when my Mum (Kay, Creative Director of IndigoBlu) asked me to create a shop for our craft range at the front of our business unit. We wanted a space to showcase how to display our product to other retailers when they come up on training days and also as a place for crafters to shop when we hold workshops and classes!

Luckily my mum and I have really similar taste we love trawling through flea markets and antique shops together. So I had in mind what she wanted the shop to look like. We'd been collecting odd antique bits and bobs to display in the shop,we wanted to create a sort of crafty 'Olde Curiosity Shop'

I really loved the idea of wallpapering a feature wall with old we did!
I swapped newspapers for on old oxford dictionary and started wallpapering. I also upcycled a load of furniture by painting it with Annie Sloan paints. I took some step by step photos of the upcycled furniture and wallpapering which I'll post soon. For now enjoy the pictures of the shop!

Hopefully in time this wall will be filled with frames of beautiful samples!

All Done!

I got my mums seal of approval!

I finally finished the shop on my last day working at IndigoBlu!
I couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of people to spend my working days with! Working here the past year had given me confidence in myself - that actually I'm not a hopeless scatterbrain - I can be pretty organised and work damn hard. It's been stressful at times but always rewarding. Thankyou to my mum and dad for the opportunity and the IndigoBlu crafters that always brighten up our day.

The End!

R, x