May 12, 2013

Nothing much too exciting to post this week as I've been working all week as usual at IndigoBlu and I'm spending my sunday studying for my driving theory test so that i can finally feel like an independent 22 year old! Also I swear that bank holiday monday lie in has sent my body clock into holiday mode I have been half asleep all week and i missed my 2 weekly gym sessions..oops...It's nice to have the odd lazy week though. 

So i thought I'd post some pictures of some of my recent splurges purchases and photos of my week.

Bank holiday monday BBQ with the family enjoying the rare sunshine!


I bought 3 of these beautiful hand coloured botanical prints from a gorgeously cluttered old book shop on Lincoln's Steep Hill, last sunday. Dated 1790. I can't wait to frame them and hang them up.

 My favourite sort of treat! 

I came across this last weekend...I can honestly say I'm in love with Elvis! I used to watch all his awful films when I was little at my nana's house on weekends.

I adore beautiful cards and stationary so when i saw these I had to buy one for my Bestie and one for my Boyfriend.
I bought them in my favourite independent stationary shop '44' in Lincoln. Please visit them, the staff are lovely too!

 My best buy if the week! A 1930's style dressing table for £25 from a local charity shop. So happy with this. This is my next up cycling project and I'll be doing a 'How To' blog post.

I had dinner with my lovely Hollie owner of H.E.R Vintage for her birthday and got excited about her trip to Germany this weekend to visit a beautiful man she met in Paris! which reminds me she'll be home tonight and I need to call to hear all the details =] 

[Frame- bought at an LA flea market, framed floral paper from Decopatch. Tile plate bought from Essaouira,Morocco] 

I've finally dug out some presents I bought for christmas/birthday for my oldest friend Felicity. I haven't seen her for months and months since she moved to the furthest point in the country away from me! I was going to save them to give them to her in person but i miss her lots so i thought I'd send her belated presents in a nice little surprise bundle.

And now I need to carry on revising! 
Rebecca x

The Weekend Diaries No.1

May 6, 2013

Sheffield Saturdays

Me, Sali and Fanny were an inseparable trio in high school, always at every local gig/party and living up to every teenage cliche in the best possible way. Now we're ever so slightly more mature (ish) and instead of hanging out most weekends its every couple of months..but thats why its nice to make the most of it when we are all together. So we headed to Fannys' new flat which she shares with her boyfriend and spent the day mooching round shops,taking silly pictures and chatting over wine about the impending gloom/joy of growing up.

StephFANNY showcasing her rather nice floral curtains!

Fanny's gorgeous home

mmm...candyfloss fun

R x                               

Pretty in Mint

May 5, 2013


Sali wears a mint jumper and beaded necklace from Topshop, shorts from New Look and a brooch from a boutique in sheffield nr. eccelsall road.


May 3, 2013

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to get me out of this fashion rut I've been in.
I'm currently living at home and working for my parents arts&crafts business, and It's been so easy for me to roll out of bed and slip into jeans and a hoody. Which is pretty nice,comfy and carefree...for a few days, but after a while I started to feel like I was losing myself. It may sound a bit dramatic but our clothes and style are such key part in our identity and without that it made me feel pretty, well...shit!

Living and working with my family has been great but can be pretty bloody hectic...and sometimes I feel like I'm not getting much time for 'me'.  So this little change in what I'm wearing to work everyday feels like I'm getting the old me back. 

Top : UrbanOutfitters,  Belt : Vintage,  Skirt : Primark 

Top + Cardigan : UrbanOutfitters,  Skirt  : Topshop