Spring Daze

April 24, 2013

Welcome to my Life:Style Blog and my first foray into the world of blogging!

The wonderful Luella Bartley wrote ‘ the English have this knack of putting together the weirdest combinations of clothing and accessories that somehow- with their warped sense of good, bad and plain weird taste-inspire the rest of the world. English style at its best is totally natural, fiercely individual and girlishly contrary. It can be funny, tough, sexy, clever, perverse,all at the same time…being English is not about being obvious or sexy- its about being interesting and illogically brilliant’

I could not agree more, and that is one of the reason I'm so in love with style and vintage clothing, it is a wonderful melting pot of past generations style that we can twist and hone to our own wonderful modern fusion.

The photographs above were taken by me on a beautiful summers day with Laura whose style I am always inspired by. The dress worn was bought at 'DEEP Vintage' in York;
Images taken with 1600 Fujifilm Neopan B&W film.

- Rebecca x