Magazine Review : Oh Comely - Everything most women’s magazine are not..

July 21, 2014

Oh Comely magazine is a ‘women’s magazine’ that is everything most women’s magazine are not.  It is quietly feminine in a modern way, that doesn’t shout ‘My post-baby weight binge eating, booze and drugs hell’. It shows every dimension and depth of women, not just gossip columns but stories about space travel, making your own boat and baking party rings.

Its clean, white, spacious pages remind me of quiet afternoons sat in a white gallery room. It features playful illustrations, simple light airy photography and beautiful words. Oh comely is a lifestyle magazine that encourages us to enjoy quiet moments, to talk to our neighbours and explore new things. I find it is best enjoyed with a cup of tea on a long train journey to someplace new.

 In writing honestly about topics that we are genuinely intrigued by oh comely caters for their audience of creative young women in their 20’s and 30’s, yet according to founder Des Tan  I think it’s turned out a lot more varied than that, which was a pleasant surprise.

 It just goes to show that we humans are really not so different; we are interested in people and life and that is what oh comely magazine is about. I have passed on my favourite articles to my Nana and my boyfriend who have both been equally captivated.

 It comes down to the simple joy of story telling and gathering knowledge, oh comely feels timeless yet sometimes nostalgic. In a consumer society, advertising persuades us to buy into our future ‘better’ selves - sometimes a little nostalgia or a story passed down from a stranger’s grandparent is quite refreshing. Where most women’s magazines buy into a consumer lifestyle, oh comely is about life. When you read oh comely you don’t feel like you have to become a better version of yourself. You are just taken on a journey into other people’s worlds and thoughts, which inspire your own creative spirit.

Supper Club with Cecily

April 22, 2014

Not too long ago my good friends Cecily and George invited me round to their tiny flat in Camberwell, London for their first attempt at a Supper Club... It was a brilliant success! 

The living room was cleared to make way for Cecily's Grandmas 1960's formica table to seat the six of us. The candles were lit and as I waited for guests to arrive I snapped away whilst Cec & George's prepared in their little camberwell kitchen..

 The main event! 


Aubergine & Buttermilk sauce with Pomegranate and Thyme
Beetroot Risotto with Cod cheek & Mange tout 
Tarte Tatin

 Success! - The happy couple

Cec & George

 It was a wonderful evening with beautiful food and above all amazing company! 
What better excuse to get your friends round ...I urge everyone to have a go. 

Warning...copious wine consumption can lead to excessive singing and noise complaints from upstairs..and their is a small chance a dance-off may take place...